Patient Testimonials

I’ve had some experience with other therapists before Danielle. They listened but I never got any practical advice. Danielle asks me questions that gets to the root of problems then gives me specific advice and tools for solving them. She has also become a life coach helping in many areas of my life when they start to feel overwhelming. I have recommended her to several people, all of whom have benefited in similar ways. Thank you Danielle!

Rebecca L

Individual Therapy

Danielle is my therapist and when I got engaged, I asked her if she would be willing to do pre-marital counseling with me and my fiancé. It was so helpful. She guided us through discussing the big decisions that couples often have to make and coached us on valuable communication skills. We gained a deeper understanding of each other and entered marriage feeling stronger and more connected.

Isabel D

Pre-Marital Counseling

My experience with Danielle was very positive.  She has an ability to listen very carefully and a perception that sees below the surface of whatever comment is being made, which I think enables her to have more meaningful insights and greater empathy. She also comes up with tools and ways of thinking that, if you practice them, help you progress.  She’s also fair.  I’d strongly recommend her.  

Francis M

Couples Counseling

Danielle epitomizes the balance between professionalism and empathy. She is a wealth of info and keeps up with current research but is also perceptive and nonjudgmental. She has always been willing to work around schedules. After being referred to her at probably the lowest point in my life, she has helped me to learn to stand on my own two feet and to advocate for myself. Not by telling me what to do but through encouragement and assistance in finding proper resources. The world is a better place with her in it!

Laurie P

Individual Therapy

I started meeting with Danielle about 8 years ago. I was experiencing terrible anxiety and much confusion over extended family issues that were tearing me up. I needed help and guidance with how to handle the conflicts and emotions. Danielle did many things to help me, including how to be emotionally stronger. She helped guide me on how to accomplish this with her insight and expertise on human relations. She is both professional and objective in assessing my problems and helping me understand what I needed to do to get a handle on everything that was happening. Over time she did more than I could have asked for. I became confident and strong with her guidance and support. I resolved my family issues in a healthy way. To this day things are terrific with my family. She taught me how to set up boundaries and to not be afraid to stand up for myself. I feel so happy.  I am so thankful for Danielle. I have a wonderful circle of friends and have recommended her to all of them. Most see her now, and they are as thankful for her as I am. One of my dearest friends just thanked me for recommending Danielle because she saved her marriage. She’s an incredible therapist. 


Individual Therapy